Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint You Decide

Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint

My chalk painting love runs deep.

This past summer is one that I filled with projects consisting of furniture, walls, and people (oops) I mean picture frames I wanted to give a makeover. It’s also important to mention that I considered chalk painting my therapy. This, my friends, means that I was determined to paint each and every project on my list! Continue reading “Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint You Decide”

10 Fun Fall Projects For Kids

10 Fun Fall Projects For Kids- Home by 12 blog

It’s almost fall, and I’m already seeing tons of leaves falling in my yard. If I were to be honest, summer is my favorite season for weather, but I love fall for decorating. So, to get past my end of summer blues and jump right into my fall mojo, I decorate.

Then the kids are mumbling the dreadful “bored” word because I’m smiling around the house and decorating. It’s like, “Mom’s having fun. Can’t have that.”

So, for the sake of sanity among moms and hopes to, even temporarily, avoid the piercing phrase, “I’m bored,”  I’ve gathered together 10 fun fall projects for kids of all ages. Continue reading “10 Fun Fall Projects For Kids”

Budget Friendly Cute Fall Throw Pillow Ideas

Are you a throw pillow fanatic like me? Omgosh if I could explain in mere words how I feel about throw pillows, you’d probably think I was crazy.

But here’s the deal.

I was looking around for some throw pillow covers that would spruce up my sofa during this coming season, and I ended at a place I never thought to shop for pillow covers… Continue reading “Budget Friendly Cute Fall Throw Pillow Ideas”

Late Summer Peach Preserves- A Super Easy How To

It’s that time again! It’s time for getting home ready for fall and pulling out the bazillion pumpkins you have stashed away. (I know that’s not just me.) So while I’m making home feel fallish (and Insta documenting it), I’m simultaneously wrapping up summer, and one of the best ways to do that is with some late summer peach preserves. Continue reading “Late Summer Peach Preserves- A Super Easy How To”

How To Build A Homeschool Reading List You’ll Stick To

Hey, everyone! It’s time to start building my reading list for the new school year.  I always have mixed emotions during this time of year because I’m sad that summer’s gone. At the same time, my soul craves structure, and fall kind of brings back the structure that the summer lets slide by.

Reading lists have been very challenging these last couple of years. The challenge hasn’t been preparing them (although last year I opted to follow a previously prepared list – never again). It was more that the books weren’t a good fit for my children.

This year I’m using both, my Kindles (one of my easy homeschool helps for reading list slaying) and some real, physical books to help with my six readers. (My seventh is special needs and isn’t there yet.)

So let me share a few tips on building (and sticking to) your reading list that helped me. Continue reading “How To Build A Homeschool Reading List You’ll Stick To”

5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy

Homeschooling seven children (or any number of children) at once can feel overwhelming at times. We’re always balancing so much with everyday life, school, and businesses. Then there are many other things fling their way into our space.

(Ahem, Murphy’s Law for example.)

So, I’ve come up with my top 5 amazing homeschool easy helps when life gets busy. Continue reading “5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy”

Gardening In Containers – 6 Things I Learned

This is the first summer in a few years that I decided to grow a garden. I’d been successful with an in ground garden several years (okay, maybe about eight) ago, but I was eager to grow some stuff that we could eat. This time around, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to be breaking ground and building wood barriers around it, so I grabbed some pots and went to town right on my deck! Anyway, here are 6 things I learned about gardening in containers: Continue reading “Gardening In Containers – 6 Things I Learned”