10 Fun Fall Projects For Kids

It’s almost fall, and I’m already seeing tons of leaves falling in my yard. If I were to be honest, summer is my favorite season for weather, but I love fall for decorating. So, to get past my end of summer blues and jump right into my fall mojo, I decorate.

Then the kids are mumbling the dreadful “bored” word because I’m smiling around the house and decorating. It’s like, “Mom’s having fun. Can’t have that.”

So, for the sake of sanity among moms and hopes to, even temporarily, avoid the piercing phrase, “I’m bored,”  I’ve gathered together 10 fun fall projects for kids of all ages.

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Fall Tree Craft

This is a cheap project this fall. You just need colored construction paper, tissue paper and glue.  First thing is for mommy to cut a tree silhouette. Help your toddler glue the cut tree silhouette to the base. Rip and crumple pieces of colored tissue paper (red, yellow and orange) and glue to the tree. Toddlers will love this rip and crumple part. Glue as many to create a fall tree.

Photo credit to: Living for the Sunshine

Leaf Bowl

Make the most out of the fallen leaves and make this fun leaf bowl project. Ask your toddler to collect as many fallen leaves. Ask them to pick different kinds, big and small. Paste the leaves onto the ball and let dry. For the fun part, let the kids pop the balloon. They’ll surely be amazed what they’ve made.

Autumn Leaf Sun Catchers

Mark the start of autumn with these pretty autumn leaf sun catchers. Let your kids go outside and explore the new season. Ask them to collect a variety of fallen leave. You’ll need paper plates, autumn color paints, tape and of course, the dry leaves. Hang the finished product in areas of your house directly hit by the sun’s light.

Photo credit to: Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

Fall Projects For Children 6 to 8 Years

These guys are gonna need a more complex project, maybe one that involves cutting and some fine motor skill use. Here are fun fall activities for them:

Candy Pumpkin Bracelets

This one will surely be a hit for kids and expect them to make a lot! It is easy and fun to make, plus it is a great gift to friends too. You just need candy pumpkins, dental floss, a needle and a ribbon to make these yummy bracelets. Kids may need a little help poking the needle through the candies, so be ready to give a hand. Your kids can wear the bracelets as long as they last, which is probably not so long.

Photo credit to:  Simply Kierste Design


Fall Snow Globes

Instead of snow in it, why not use fall leaves? Fall Tree Snow globes sounds like a great idea right? You can make this fun project with your kids this fall. All you need is a mason jar, plastic fall leaves, a small tree branch, a glycerin and water.

Photo credit to:  Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls


Fall Leaf Crown

Who doesn’t love crowns? This fall leaf crown is super easy to make. Start by asking your kids to collect fall leaves then snipping off the stems. Cut a paper ring that can fit your kid’s head. Let your kid staple the leaves onto the paper ring. Make sure that the leaves are pointing upwards, aside from that, there are no rules. Fill the paper ring with leaves, and voila, you have a fall leaf crown.

Photo credit to: Sweet and Simple Nature Craft: Make a Fall Leaf Crown

Fall Projects for Tweens 9 to 12 Years

Okay, this age range we’ll just say will  want a more grown-up project. Try these creative projects they’ll enjoy this fall:

Fall Leaf Art

This is a leveled-up fall leaf art project suitable for kids 9 years old and up. This uses water color and a more complex leaf pattern. Kids can trace a leaf shape onto a paper. Draw lines inside the pattern to create sections. Now the fun part, coloring! Let your kid’s creativity shine. Alternating colors and texture is the key to make this project stand out. Frame the picture and display


Photo credit to: Fall Leaf Art Project

Fall Necklace

A personalized fall accessory that your kids can make. This is a perfect project for your tweens. Have their friends come over and participate too. To make a fall necklace, you’ll need silk fall leaves, twine or any string and assorted fall colored paper straw. Stock up a bunch of these to give out to friends. It’s super easy and takes only a few minutes to make.

Photo credit to: Super Adorable DIY Autumn Necklace Craft.

Mason Jar Luminaries

Your kids will love these mason jar fall luminaries with or without candles in them, but of course, they’re prettier with candles lit in them. A mason jar, a modge podge and fallen leaves are all you need. Coat the mason jar with mod podge, stick the dried leaves and top coat again with modge podge.

Photo credit to: Easy Mason Jar Luminaries.

This is a fall project that is a hit with kids of all ages (and me too).

Colorful Fall Mosaics

You need dyed corn kernels or dyed pumpkin seeds for this project. You can either buy them or dye them on your own. Give each family member their own canvass and have your own corn mosaics.

Photo credit to: Make These Gorgeous Corn Mosaics for Preschool Thanksgiving Art

Fall comes only once a year so despite the sadness of saying bye to summer (at least for some of us), let’s rock this fall and make it more memorable. Try some of these projects and see how much fun it is to get everyone involved with decorating. And the kids’ bedrooms are not off limits!

With these fun fall projects the whole family can enjoy fall and create new memories together.

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