April Coffee and Decor

Can you believe it’s already April? I mean month four of the year already! It’s made me think about how much I’ve actually accomplished towards my 2019 goals over these last four months.

Every month has met a new obstacle, but I’m still determined.

budding pink flowers on a branch

On that note, Instagram has been kicking my boots with its new algorithm changes. Every time I get one thing down, something else seems to change. The bad part is that the new algorithm is affecting how many of you see my posts. Sometimes the posts seem to go absolutely nowhere and other times they seem to do really well.

So if you’re not seeing my posts, please stop by my account and like a post. It’s set up to show you more of the posts that you’ve been interacting with regularly. But if you haven’t been seeing my posts, you can interact right?

Coffee and Decor

coffee and decor logo

And while I’m on the subject of Instagram,  if you love coffee and decor, I’ve started a great community on Instagram that combines the two.

So many amazing decor accounts have come together to support one another and share ideas. It’s been a place to chat with other people who love home decor and to show and tell. The ladies over there are super amazing. So please feel free to hop over there and join us in the coffee and decor community on Instagram.

So now that I’ve shared that…

There are a few other things I wanted to also share with you.

Live Fake Cake Sale

It’s been awhile, but I’ll be doing a live faux cake sale on Instagram Thursday at 8 pm EST. I have some designs I haven’t shown that will be on display for the sale.


I’ll be doing an Instagram hashtag training on Sunday 4/14 at 8 pm EST. It’s going to be like a 101 for anyone who needs a better understanding of how to use hashtags to get more eyes on their Instagram account. Registration for that is here.

Spring Shopping

There are a ton of spring shopping deals that are rolling in. I’ll be sharing those in my Instagram stories as well as sharing some here. Some of my fave stores are having some amazing upcoming sales as new, summer stock arrives.

You know what that means… It’s shopping tiiiime!

Well, so long for now. It’s April Fool’s Day, and I’m off to do some April foolin’ up in here.