Birthday Turnover Cake

The amazing Cayla had her 18th birthday. It’s insane how quickly the time goes by with our children. Ever since she was little, she’s imitated me. She’s an early riser, proactive, and this girl covers me when I need it most!

So when she asked to spend her 18th with her family, it touched my heart.

cherry turnover pastry

But that’s not all.

Girlfriend wanted in on making her favorite cuisine for us. What was on the menu?

Korean fried chicken

Glass sweet potato noodles and

Cucumber sesame salad

For dessert she wanted turnovers. (This child is different. I’m telling you.)

Couldn’t find any that looked appealing in a bakery (looked like they’d been sitting around in a case for EVER), so we decided to go for frozen. Sara Lee lost her mind. So we did what any crazy people who’d never made turnovers do.

We made our own! The result was beautiful.

top of cherry turnover, flaky baked pastry with glaze
cherry turnover pastry with glaze

I’m going to share with you the easy peasy way to make this giant turnover that made Cayla smile on her birthday.

What You’ll Need.

  • A cookie sheet that has sides
  • Phyllo dough (2 boxes were about $3.50 in my store)
  • Cherry pie filling (4 lbs)
  • Egg wash (1 egg beat in with 1/4
  • Melted Butter
  • Powdered sugar
  • Almond Milk or your favorite milk

The first thing I did was pull out the phyllo dough. It’s in the freezer section so you’ll have to let it defrost so you can unroll it. (There were two packs in each box. You’ll need both full boxes.)

Place a layer onto the cookie sheet and brush it with melted butter.

Repeat this with each layer

After you’ve finished layering one box of phyllo dough on your cookie sheet. Add your cherry filling and spread along the top.

Layer your second box of phyllo dough on top, brushing the melted butter on between every layer.

Gently pinch the edges around the dough together

Brush the top with egg wash

Place in the oven on 375 and bake until golden brown.

Glaze Directions:

Add three cups of powdered sugar and 1/4 cup of almond milk, regular milk, or water

Mix until thick but pourable

Drizzle over the baked turnover while it’s warm. It will melt and form a nice drizzly glaze.

Eat up!

The turnover was yummy and it was a hit at Cayla’s dinner. Its’ a nice change if you don’t want to do cake or you just like pastries.

Drop your thoughts about your favorite cake substitute in the comments. I’d love to know what you do.