Budget Friendly Cute Fall Throw Pillow Ideas

Are you a throw pillow fanatic like me? Omgosh if I could explain in mere words how I feel about throw pillows, you’d probably think I was crazy.

But here’s the deal.

I was looking around for some throw pillow covers that would spruce up my sofa during this coming season, and I ended at a place I never thought to shop for pillow covers… Amazon.

Pin Budget Friendly Cute Fall Throw Pillow Ideas by Home By 12

Pin Budget Friendly Cute Fall Throw Pillow Ideas Styled by Home By 12

How I Usually Choose Throw Pillows

Now, I have to tell you that I don’t always use Amazon as a first stop. For things like pillow covers, Bed Bath and Beyond or even Hobby Lobby may be places that I lean towards first. I’m familiar with the styles and quality of these throw pillow covers and have tested and approved them to last for years.

Well, it just happened that I was on the Amazon site looking for something else and throw pillows were something that I stumbled upon. So, as any crazy pillow lady would do, I checked them out.

The pillows I chose were all pretty basic, but I needed to have access to a variety of colors and styles that were going to be easy to incorporate into my overall style. I also only picked throw pillow covers that had at least a four star rating.

Once I got through the tons of covers and read reviews, I decided it was worth trying Amazon out. So I went with it.

Choosing a Style

My look this fall is more of a French country look with some of the more rich, fall tones. I decided on this fall palette that I found on Pinterest.

Color palette used for fall decor and throw pillow accents

Dark browns and blues photo courtesy of Pinterest

I added a little burnt orange in the mix because I wanted my pumpkins to have a proper place.

In all honesty, I love me some rich tones during the fall season, so I tend to stay away from the lighter pumpkins. They’re really pretty but they don’t make me feel all of those feels that come with autumn.

At any rate, my fall pillows were just the right fit for the look I wanted to achieve.

Amazon Budget Friendly Cute Throw Pillow Styled- Home By 12

I fell in complete love with this cafe pillow. It’s the perfect, sturdy texture for decor. You can see it here.

Budget Friendly Cute Throw PIllow styles Used On Khaki Sofa - Home By 12

The pillows behind my cafe pillows are larger, but they’re also soft. You can see my comments on those here.

You can also take a look at my Instagram video, below, to see the pillows up close. The orange (my favorite) is a really rich, velvety fabric that’s amazing to feel up on. 🙂


So, Is Amazon Killing It With Throw Pillow Covers?

My answer is a resounding yes! And to make things easier for you than they were for me, I’ve picked out some brands that I’ve used that I thought were good for texture, sturdiness and just overall cute.

My fall picks from my Amazon idea list is here. Just a note that I do get a little monetary kickback when you shop my links in this post, so please show our blog some love and shop through the link. It helps a ton!