Happy Memorial Day & Step It Up VA

Happy Memorial Day! If you know anyone who’s served in a war in the military, you know it’s not easy for them to express things they’ve seen or been through.

The experiences that live within each brave soldier is an one those of us who have never fought will never understand.

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10 Farmhouse Style Entryway Spruce Up Ideas

An entryway is the first thing people see when you open the door. And I’m that person who kicks the shoes away from the door to greet the UPS driver. However, done right, an entryway can be an amazing welcome to your home. So, I’ve come up with 10 Entryway Spruce Up Ideas that inspire.

Take a peek and click the pic to see more about the creator of these amazing spaces and then check out my farmhouse decor finds.

front door with wreath and greenery
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How to Create a Vintage Style Hot Cocoa Bar

A vintage style hot cocoa bar is can add such charm to a kitchen. Just thinking about all of the possibilities makes me super excited.

The first thing to remember is that imagination is the limit. The second thing to keep in mind is that you are like nobody else in this world, so adding your own special touch to make your vignette perfect for you is what you want to do.

So how exactly do you give a hot cocoa bar a little vintage charm?

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Why Shop JC Penney’s Holiday Sale

Why Shop JC Penney’s Holiday Sale?

There’s something about Christmas decorating that makes me excited. So in my quest to determine my 2018 holiday colors, I ran across JC Penney’s holiday sale and it may have just given me the inspo I needed. [Read more…]

Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint You Decide

Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint

My chalk painting love runs deep.

This past summer is one that I filled with projects consisting of furniture, walls, and people (oops) I mean picture frames I wanted to give a makeover. It’s also important to mention that I considered chalk painting my therapy. This, my friends, means that I was determined to paint each and every project on my list! [Read more…]

Vintage Style Vignette Easy Update

Vintage style is just one of those interior styles I can’t deny. When I decided on a color scheme for my autumn decor, I knew the colors had to be rich and warm. They also had to incorporate a vintage feel. So, what did I do? I immediately went for warm copper and brown tones (mentioned those in my previous post)[Read more…]

DIY Fall Wreath That’s Easy and Inexpensive

Today I’m sharing with you how I made this crazy easy DIY fall wreath. First I have to tell you that I got rid of last fall’s wreath with the thought that I’d find one I liked better. The problem was that there are always so many of the same kinds of things on the shelf. I wanted something a bit different.  [Read more…]

Budget Friendly Cute Fall Throw Pillow Ideas

Are you a throw pillow fanatic like me? Omgosh if I could explain in mere words how I feel about throw pillows, you’d probably think I was crazy.

But here’s the deal.

I was looking around for some throw pillow covers that would spruce up my sofa during this coming season, and I ended at a place I never thought to shop for pillow covers… [Read more…]