6 Entertaining Hacks You’ll Love

Hosting a small or large gathering is a fun way to bring together family and friends. The problem for me seems to be that there’ s always so much to do.

There are some shortcuts I just don’t take. For example, I tend to stay true to my food ingredients and stay clear of processed foods. So, I’m always looking for a few good hacks to simplify the other areas of my entertaining.

The good news is that there are easy tricks that could make the hard and daunting entertaining tasks so much bearable and manageable.

Six Hacks for Entertaining Small or Large Parties

So get ready for some partying and celebrating because I have some simple to follow entertaining hacks that are made for you hosts and hostesses who want to get this entertaining thing done hassle-free:

Hack #1 – Fresh Flowers are Simply the Best and Easiest Hacks

Whether it is a small or large gathering, flowers are undoubtedly big accessories that could bring out the best vibes in a room. Make sure that the flowers stay fresh on the table regardless where the location may be. Avoid wilted flowers by cutting the flower stems diagonally so they can absorb more water. Add two drops of bleach to the water to kill any bacteria. Though it’s best to buy the flowers the day of your soiree, the drops of bleach will keep your flowers super fresh! Refresh your water periodically.

Hack #2 – Play your Playlist

Get your music in gear. Music can fill the awkward silence in a room, especially if you’re entertaining a group of people that don’t know each other well. Music can make your guest feel more comfortable and at ease while drowning out those noises in the kitchen.

Hack #3 – Regulate the Light

Whether it is a small or large party, overhead lights can influence the ambiance and vibe in your soiree. Some overhead lights could be too bright for a calming mood. So, it may be better to go for a much dimmer light, setting it into a comfortable glow. Lamps or LED candles are great alternatives to add a warm glow to your evening.

Hack #4 – Get Preparing Ahead

Save yourself stress and worries especially by prepping your party food ahead of time. As a host, it is much easier if you prepare make appetizers and do your dicing and chopping ahead of time. Preparing appetizers and freezing them makes it easy to pop them in the oven before guests arrive.

Hack #5 – Party Favors Work Best

Even adult guests appreciate getting party favors. Who doesn’t like getting something cute they can take home as a reminder of their fun evening? A boxed cupcake, selection of nice teas or salted caramels, among many others. Scented candles or fancy soaps and mini succulents are also good choices.

Hack #6 – Repurpose Planters and Pots

Repurpose what you have. A wooden or galvanized bucket or even a storage bin with colorful design could make an interesting impact to your beverage station. Add a little ice, some drinks and you’ve got yourself one inexpensive, stylish way to keep your drinks cold.

So you see. Entertaining doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. With a few hacks, you can plan your next shindig and even enjoy it with your friends.

What’s your favorite hack? Tell me in the comments below.

DIY Valentine’s Day To Spring Wreaths

A wreath is the symbol of eternity. These days we use them, quite frequently, to adorn our homes as a sign of welcome. There are so many wreath designs we have to choose from that can add more depth to that symbol. Bright colors, greenery, soft tones, and seasonal hues are only the beginning.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to add a little love to the loop. With just a little creativity, you can create something that makes the symbol sing!

And if you think you’re only limited to reds and hearts, you’re sooo missing out on some of the cutest V-day decor around.

So let’s get those creative juices flowing  to decorate.

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Dawn’s Southern Sour Cream Pound Cake

Dawn's Southern Pound Cake with Amoretti Extract

It’s Friday eve and I’m about ready to start my weekend early! So, to gear up, I’ve whipped up one of my Southern Sour Cream Pound Cakes.

Pound cake is that cake staple in the south. Sunday seemed to be the day we’d get to have it the most, and my grandmother could be found in the kitchen whipping one up. She could put a hurting on some pound cake!

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How to Create a Vintage Style Hot Cocoa Bar

A vintage style hot cocoa bar is can add such charm to a kitchen. Just thinking about all of the possibilities makes me super excited.

The first thing to remember is that imagination is the limit. The second thing to keep in mind is that you are like nobody else in this world, so adding your own special touch to make your vignette perfect for you is what you want to do.

So how exactly do you give a hot cocoa bar a little vintage charm?

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Murphy’s Law Visits And You Want Him To Go

Hi friends. It was a long week of crazy activities, and then, Murphy’s Law came drifting back into my home, trying get the best of things.

Let me explain.

You see, back in about February when we started having all of these wild winds,  about 50 or so shingles blew off of the house we rent. We called property management on the first of March. I’m thinking, okay it’s a few shingles. We’d better let them know, right?

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Welcome to Home By 12

bed with white linens green breakfast tray with blue teapot filled with flowers and a cake slice candle with a home decor magazine

Hey, everyone, and welcome!

If you’ve followed along with me prior to this blog, you probably already know that I have a large family of twelve, busy people (hence the name, ‘Home by 12.’)

I’m a domestic engineer who started a business in the home decor niche. Alongside that, I’m a homeschooling mom of, let’s see, (I’m actually counting) seven. And one of my super seven is a five year old with Down Syndrome who keeps us all on our toes.

Life is busy, but if you follow along, you’ll see that our life is never boring. Continue reading “Welcome to Home By 12”