Chaos Saving Planning Tips

People always ask me how I have time to do everything with so many people living in my home. The answer is simple.


Planning is crucial to making my home and business flow properly. Without it, everything is everywhere. The kids are walking around aimlessly and my house suffers. My projects don’t get done when they need to, and I’m completely nuts!

So here are several things that I always plan out thoroughly.

franklin planner opened on desk with a mug of coffee beside it.

My Homeschooling Schedule

There’s a lot of reading involved my kids’ curriculum. But that also means there’s a lot of discussion. I plan days for reading and days for discussion so that I can get done more things during those days when they’re doing work that’s more independent.

My Housework

Housework gets done at specific times during the day and I work on one major task at a time. The key to me getting more things done around the house is to incorporate the children. It’s their duty to keep their assigned areas cleaned as a citizen of our home. But that’s another topic.

My Projects

Projects get done at scheduled times. Working on them a little at a time over a span of time gives me the ability to get them done more efficiently. If I didn’t plan out the other areas, I’d never be able to accomplish this!

My Social Media Time

Social media time is done before I begin school work, around lunch time, and then in the evening. I will pop in from time to time sporadically, but SM can totally kill your time if you let it. I won’t get too much in to the time I spend keeping up with my SM updates, and community.

That’s also another post.

My Favorite Planning Tools

My number one go to for planning tools is my Franklin Covey planner. My personal choice is Blooms because of the beautiful floral pages.

But there are many styles available, including a new Mom planner that helps keep mom life a bit more organized. Perfect for scheduling the kids’ schedules with Mom’s.

I know there are a bazillion planner apps that will send notifications and keep you on your toes, but for me, I get so many of those that I tend to overlook the ones that are most important. That causes sort of a reverse effect because I tend to miss things that I need to pay attention to.

Franklin planner blooms edition opened on Monday April 8 2019

How It Helps

My Franklin Planner allows me to plan my months and see what’s upcoming, look at my day in a glance, track my time and prioritize all in one space. I can look at my to do  list and check them off so that I’m able to see my accomplishments all in one place.

It has a section for goals and keeps my focused on my tasks to meet those goals. That really helps me when I’m diverted because it puts me back on track.

With so many things in a day that can sidetrack me, I really need something to keep me a bit more focused.

There You Have It

After using the Franklin Planner for over a decade, I’m hooked.

I’ve tried so many different scheduling and organization apps, and I’ve found that my Franklin planner is still my most reliable tool for keeping this lady’s busy life organized.

I use it to:

  • Look at a calendar of my month at a glance
  • Planning long term goals and making short term commitments toward reaching those goals
  • Keeping track of time
  • Prioritizing my daily tasks

So what’s your favorite planning tool? Share it with me and tell me what you like about it.