Creating Your Unique Style

Most people are constantly in conflict with themselves when it comes to decorating their home.

Seeing so many visuals on Pinterest and Instagram can be conflicting. You see so many different things that you love, but how do you differentiate a style that you like in someone else’s home from your own décor style?

Home decoration can be a daunting task if you do not even know where and how to start. It helps to know what you love and use that knowledge to create the perfect style for your home.

piano in room with painting hung over top and decor on top.

Steps to Finding your Personal Décor Style

So, what exactly do you need to do if you’re seeing so many beautiful homes and you’re unsure of your decorating style and preferences?

Here are some helpful pointers to help you with on your quest.

Know your Passion

The minute you know what you are passionate about would be your eureka moment. Look to the obvious and determine the things that trigger or drive your motivation or inspire you the most. These could be the things that bring you that sense of calm or those that make you truly feel at home.

Incorporate your passion with your décor style and you will never go wrong.

Identify your Hobbies and Interests

Decorating your home allows you to integrate your personality in every corner of your house, leaving your trademark and personal taste. You can immediately identify the kind of interests and hobbies that a homeowner has based on his home’s interior design.

You can create a vintage ambiance if you are fond of old-fashioned stuff, like me. Show your interests in sports, reading, photography, and other fields in your home decorating projects as you discover your personal décor style.

Incorporate your Experiences and Adventures

A stylish home’s décor is unique, just like your life experiences, your family dynamics and your adventures. You can use your experiences and adventures, especially the ones that inspired you the most. If you’re be a lover of the beach, mountain, or specific places (such as Florence) or some exotic place in Southeast Asia. Recreate these captivating places and adventures in the heart of your home.

Take Some Online Quizzes

Go to the good old Internet. While it can be overwhelming, it can also prove the ideal place to start your quest for your personal décor style. You can find overflowing tools such as some online quizzes that help you discover your own style and preferences for home decoration. These online assessments might just give you the idea on your preferred color scheme, themes, and choices for ornaments and decorative items.

Use an Anchor Design Piece

You could start with a single item and expound your choices based on one “anchor” design piece. For instance, you can use a lamp, frame, or centerpiece bowl, which you are passionate about. Match the other ornaments and décor basing on this one important object as the heart of your decorating project.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one style. My style includes some modern farmhouse, French country, and Tuscan. So explore several styling options and preferences and not just one. You may have that preferred style but there is always the possibility of you gravitating toward several others. Being eclectic is acceptable so learn to embrace it so that you don’t limit your creativity.