DIY Fall Wreath That’s Easy and Inexpensive

Today I’m sharing with you how I made this crazy easy DIY fall wreath. First I have to tell you that I got rid of last fall’s wreath with the thought that I’d find one I liked better. The problem was that there are always so many of the same kinds of things on the shelf. I wanted something a bit different. 

Here’s The Fall Wreath Deal

I got an idea to use my vine (twiggy) wreath (purchased for about $7 at Hobby Lobby) and make something with that. It had been sitting around in my garage for about a year and I kept promising myself I’d do something with it. Well, after watching it sit and stare at me for so long, the guilt set in.

Dollar Tree had flowers that worked well with what my colors, so I grabbed a few bunches from there. I had to pick through to find some flowers bunches that weren’t missing pieces, and I also used a few little pumpkin and pomegranate springs and decided to work with those.

 DIY Fall Wreath That's Easy and Inexpensive

Finished DIY  Fall Wreath with Dollar Tree floral and burlap. Made for under $20.


  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • flower bunches
  • burlap ribbon 3″ wide
  • pumpkin sprigs or some other (for embellishing)
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • vine wreath

DIY Fall Wreath Instructions:

1.  First, I separated all of the flowers from one another, leaving about ½ inch of the stem on.

2.  The next thing I did was arrange the flowers on my vine wreath to test out how they’d look before I glued them on.

3.  Once the flowers were arranged in the way I liked, I hot glued them in place on the vine. Then I took each stem and bent it behind the wreath. To hide them.

4.  For this fall wreath, I only wanted partial covering to leave the vine showing.  So I decided to place my flowers just about half way around the entire wreath. Then I placed each mini pumpkin and pomegranate, making sure some of these pieces were placed around the edges of the wreath.

5.  In my next step, I took my burlap and began to form my bow by forming two loops and pinching the middle together. I wrapped floral wire around the middle of the bow to keep it in place.

6.  Next, I cut off just enough burlap to wrap around the middle of the bow to cover the wire, and I hot glued the burlap in place.

7.  Once the bow was in place, I placed one end of the spool of burlap under my bow and glued it down.

8.  Then I created a ruffle by bending the burlap to form loops and hot gluing each loop together.

9.  Finally, I cut the end of the burlap and glued my burlap bow in place.
I had one last flower left over and added it to the center of the bow with some hot glue.

And That’s The Wreath

Pretty simple huh? My wreath was complete, inexpensive, and something I, personally, loved.  I added my little one’s violin in the center as an extra touch and a keepsake.

Check out the video to see how it looked step by step, and let me know in the comments what you think.