5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy

Homeschooling seven children (or any number of children) at once can feel overwhelming at times. We’re always balancing so much with everyday life, school, and businesses. Then there are many other things fling their way into our space.

(Ahem, Murphy’s Law for example.)

So, I’ve come up with my top 5 amazing homeschool easy helps when life gets busy.

Before I even go there, I know that there’s no easy solution that fits all. I’m here to encourage you by sharing what worked for me with hopes that it may work for you too.

One thing I try to do is remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I can get anxious thinking about all the things I haven’t covered, all the things I need to cover.

We have to take this homeschooling journey one day at a time.

So, Here’s a Little of My Own Story.

Several years ago, when my older children were younger, I was crazy stressed with feeling like I had so much to cover. The problem with my plan was that life seemed to always be in the way.

I started to feel like I was never going to get through the lessons I wanted to cover. I take my homeschooling seriously, guys. So I can be hard on myself.  You know, those thoughts about not being good enough. Our children are gifts!

We don’t want to fail them right?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can really beat myself up. Then I find myself going down a spiral path that’s super hard to get back from. I can get really down on myself with this thing.

Next thing you know, I don’t feel like doing anything. It just seems like whatever I do isn’t going to be enough!

Can you relate?

My ‘Mom Get It Together’ Resource

Well, during one of these times, I ran across a cd series “She Shall Be Called Woman.” In this series, Victoria Botkin gives really great ideas on how to balance Mom, wife and homeschooling. (affiliate link)

She Shall Be Called Woman - 5 amazing homeschool easy helps when life gets busy

Victoria Botkin has a soothing tone and very encouraging words for the wife and homeschooling mom. A must have in my library.

The series helped me to understand that the most important thing about homeschooling is that your children are learning.

If you’re stuck on the rigid, Greek education model that so many classrooms are using, it will often make you feel that you have to live up to that model.

This series has been a huge help for me because one thing’s for sure, if Mama is stressed, she’s not helping her children at all!

Sometimes we, homeschooling moms, really need that encouragement, and this series was exactly that for me.

So, now that I’ve given you a little of my own story,


Now that you know one of my most helpful resources, Mrs. Botkin’s series, here are a few other helps that get me through homeschooling during those life interruptions.

Reading Lists

This is one of the most helpful things I have put in place.

Assigning my children meaningful books that challenge their reading ability and improve their comprehension makes life so much easier during busy times.

It’s also a great way to increase their vocabulary and their knowledge of subject areas.

The lists tell the children what to do, and they just hop right to it. While the kids are reading, I’m able to tend to a few things that I need to.

Now, I should mention that I’m sure to give my children books that challenge their reading ability. That means sometimes they may need me help with a word or two.

My biggest resource for reading the different grade levels is Kindle.


Since they have the Kindle Reading App, the kids are able to read on tablets and laptops as well as the kindle itself. (affiliate link)

It’s one of my biggest helps, especially when I want us all to read a subject together but on different grade levels.

Kindle Readers - 5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy

I have a couple of these. You can see that mine are dead now, but they’re very useful in homeschool ed.

Mandatory Math Lessons

We have an understanding that two math lessons are to be done every day, no matter what. Math problems that they need help with get circled.  Their job is to get done problem that they can do without me.

At a different time during the day, I go over the circled problems with them. I also grade their work and have them correct problems.

This keeps math at the forefront of their education while also occupying them with work that they don’t have to wait for me to assign.


When I have them read a subject in history or science, following up with a documentary is reinforcement. I do have to take a moment and look at reviews for content.

The animals in documentaries can get explicit.


There are great documentaries for things like cooking and making pottery. There are music biographies and art. The options are limitless. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have been my huckleberry through homeschooling.

Audio and Art

Okay, so what I do here is use related material on audio to tell a story and have the children create a visual of what they’ve learned.

Here’s what I mean.

Say they’ve just listened to The Story of Beethoven in Words and Music.  (affiliate link) I’ll have them illustrate something that they remember from the story.

Some of my children aren’t as confident in the drawing department so they may pull out the play doh. Another child may pull out the leggos and another the paints.

This helps them to be creative and it also makes them eager to listen to the next story!

The Story of Beethoven in Words and Music - 5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy

These cds are an amazing way to introduce children to musicians and their lives. We have collected many of these!

Wrapping It Up

When life takes us a little off track, it’s easy to get down on ourselves about not getting enough homeschooling in.

If you take a deep breath and do small things, you can still accomplish greatness in educating your children. Victoria Botkins’ cd series, “She Shall Be Called Woman,” is an amazing and encouraging word for moms who have to juggle wife life and homeschooling mom.

Reading lists,  daily math workbooks, documentaries, and audio and art are great tools. They make the teaching load a little lighter during those busy times in our lives.

I use a few of these in a day to complete a full day of schooling. They’re super helpful during hectic days.

I have to tell you that I don’t use all of these every homeschool day. On days when it’s not so busy, we have a completely different school day. (That’s for a different blog post.)

I hope these ideas have helped you. If so, please share this post and pin the pic below.

Also drop a comment with any helps that you use in your homeschooling journey.

colored pencils and school supplies - 5 AMAZING HOMESCHOOL EASY HELPS WHEN LIFE GETS BUSY