Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint You Decide

Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint

My chalk painting love runs deep.

This past summer is one that I filled with projects consisting of furniture, walls, and people (oops) I mean picture frames I wanted to give a makeover. It’s also important to mention that I considered chalk painting my therapy. This, my friends, means that I was determined to paint each and every project on my list!

What I Thought Was Chalk Paint

Since I had a ton of projects to do, that meant I needed a ton of chalk paint. So, it was the perfect time to visit my friend, Melissa, at The Vintage Attic to pick up some paint.

Now, it was my intention to purchase chalk paint, and I thought that’s what I was buying.  So, I picked out my color, brought it home and painted up my benches something pretty, ya’ll!

So once I’d completed my cute little benches, I had to share them in my Instagram Stories. That’s what we do, right?

The funny thing is, I went on and on about the “chalk paint” I’d used for these benches. I even tagged the company in my Instagram story. Well, my friends, I was quickly (and very politely) corrected by Fusion.

The company informed me that Fusion Mineral Paint isn’t chalk paint at all.

Judge Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint  For Yourself by Home by 12

This is a screenshot of the reply to my posted Instagram story.

And with this little note, I got that tingle in my curiosity and sparks started to fly.

So, in my video, I highlight some of the visible differences between Fusion Mineral Paint and chalk paint.  I was pretty amazed with what I saw, and I totally understood the company clarifying that it’s completely different.

The Findings Of Fusion Mineral Paint vs. Chalk Paint

With that, here are just few things that I noticed, right off, from using both paints:

  1. Fusion paint coverage was easier and covered more territory with less paint
  2. finish was matte, but it wasn’t dull and dry
  3. no sealer needed for the Fusion paint
  4. chalk paint was easy to scratch off/chip with one coating, unlike the Fusion Mineral  Paint.
  5. Fusion and chalk seemed pretty much odorless.
  6. eye catching colors in Fusion Brand

Now, it’s time for you to tell me  your opinion. Comment below to tell me what you think about the differences between Fusion Mineral Paint and chalk paint.



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