Happy Memorial Day & Step It Up VA

Happy Memorial Day! If you know anyone who’s served in a war in the military, you know it’s not easy for them to express things they’ve seen or been through.

The experiences that live within each brave soldier is an one those of us who have never fought will never understand.

Time that the living spends thinking about their brothers lost in active duty is heart wrenching. It’s life changing. Yet the soldiers who made it come home to a VA that shuts them down and treats them like they never did anything. It’s just unacceptable, and the VA needs to step it up!

This angers me. The men and women who fought should be able get what they need when they return from war. They’ve done so much!

This Memorial Day, let’s remember. Soldiers lost their lives so that we can be free. We can start by thanking those who made it back home and let them know how we appreciate their brothers who didn’t. You’d be surprised at how much even that acknowledgement can make a soldier feel appreciated.

On a second note, I’m sharing my breakfast table today with hopes that it inspires some Memorial Day patriotism. It started raining as soon as I set it up, but five minutes of enjoyment is nice right?

Breakfast table on deck with plants behind.

Enjoy your Memorial Day, friends, and remember to thank a soldier.