How to Create a Vintage Style Hot Cocoa Bar

A vintage style hot cocoa bar is can add such charm to a kitchen. Just thinking about all of the possibilities makes me super excited.

The first thing to remember is that imagination is the limit. The second thing to keep in mind is that you are like nobody else in this world, so adding your own special touch to make your vignette perfect for you is what you want to do.

So how exactly do you give a hot cocoa bar a little vintage charm?

Create and Design Cute Vintage Style Hot Cocoa Bar

Pick a place in your kitchen that’s convenient. You want it to be a location that’s easy to access, close to an outlet, and one that has enough space to achieve what you want.

cup of hot cocoa with chocolate pieces on saucer

Will you have mugs or cups displayed or in a cabinet?

If you’re going to have mugs displayed, you’ll want to make sure that you have ample space on your counter to display your mugs. A mug tree or wall rack make a platform for a cute mug display, and a place to add some ornaments or trinkets to give it a little flair.

If your mugs are in a cabinet, make sure your cocoa bar is set up close to where your mugs are stored. You don’t want people dragging things from one place to another. Keep it convenient so people are trekking all over the kitchen to get that cocoa!

On the other hand, if your mugs are displayed, you’ll want to make them fit the decor theme that you choose. So let’s talk about that.

Hot Cocoa Bar Theme

After you’ve selected your location, the next step in starting your hot cocoa bar project is with a theme. Are you thinking rustic vintage, retro style vintage (like, maybe, 50’s themed), or will you be doing something more eclectic?

Also think of other elements like the season. Will you be doing Valentine’s Day in your theme or will you stick with an overall winter style?

I’ve found myself going more rustic with a bit of traditional. My cocoa bar during the holidays was more of a mixture of metals this year, with hints of traditional and rustic. It made things really easy to remove and replace some pieces as I changed things for winter.

I found a cute copper three tiered tray that I picked up at Home Goods. Mine is out of stock, but I included a link to a similar one at the end of this post.

Hot cocoa bar Christmas
This bar does include my coffee maker because, well, it just does.
Hot cocoa and sleigh rides Christmas  hot chocolate bar close
Just an example of how I used some rustic and traditional to achieve my overall feel.

I also added some mini hot cocoa candles (from my shop) around my bar to add something a little more modern mixed with cute to the mix. They worked nicely, adding a touch of warmth. The aroma of hot cocoa from the candles was also a warm and welcoming touch. I think it actually drew people.

Updating your vintage cocoa bar is easy. Here’s my transition to Valentine’s Day. I added a few glittery hearts that I found at Walmart for $1.44.

My updated, Valentine’s Day Cocoa Bar
I kept the cocoa mugs and changed the Christmas decor out for hearts.

What do you need?

You really don’t need to break the bank to have a really nice cocoa bar. All you’ll need is a few jars to store your add ins and extras. Mason jars are really nice for this, and if you’re up to a diy, you can paint them to make them stand out in the space.

All kinds of vintage style decor can be found at local thrift stores, antique stores, and even shopping Grandma’s house (oh that’s probably just me). These make great accessories to make your cocoa bar beautiful.

  • mini block style or 2 x2 inch themed signs
  • a cute hand towel (something like linen or cotton fabric) with or without lace, trims or embroidering)
  • a small candle
  • a small vintage ornament or two (for my Christmas bar, I chose the little house (thrifted) and small emtpy 2×2 inch box with a Christmas theme print. (A.C. Moore)
  • mini wreaths
  • fake snow (can be used on the bottom of your tray
  • a wall or stand alone “hot cocoa” sign to tell everyone about your new space
  • greenery for a fresh look
  • wire baskets or rustic wood trays for displaying towels, mug warmers or cocoa packets
  • mug warmers
  • your own personal favorite item to give your bar that cute “you” style

Side note. I’m a thrift store, antique shop-a-holic so most of my own finds that you see in my cocoa bar come from thrift shops. You’d be surprised at how many cool vintage pieces you can pick up from those little places!

One of the perks of creating a vintage style hot cocoa bar is that you can make it your own just by using your own creativity and resourcefulness. Personalize the items included in your bar such as displaying handmade décor or hand-lettered coffee mugs for a little something extra.

Mug warmers make a cute addition to cocoa bars.

Make it Personal

That brings me back to those jars. You can make them yours by painting them any color you’d like.


You can use clear jars to display your toppings, including candies candies like peppermint sticks and marshmallows. Use a jar to hold straws or stirrers and You can also use an old-fashioned teapot to add a bit of vintage charm.

Dear Lillie has an amazing hot cocoa bar and uses a combination of jars, mugs and pitchers in various sizes. The greenery is fresh and the bar, itself looks really cozy.

Go Extra With the Cocoa

Now let’s get to the cocoa.

Please make sure you don’t go Swiss Miss on your cocoa bar. I mean, if you really love Swiss Miss, then go for it.

But there are some reaally good cocoas out there that will make your bar extra special because they just taste better. Check out specialty and gourmet hot chocolates at places like Home Goods. You may even find some in your local grocery store or Walmart.

Just keep your options open.

Taking time to select some really good hot cocoa can make the experience extra amazing. You can choose from rich cocoas in chocolate, with or without additional flavors, in packets but other choices may include getting a container and filling it with your favorite hot chocolate powder.

It’s really easy to achieve a vintage style hot cocoa bar and you’ll enjoy creating your special cup of love in a beautiful space that makes creating cocoa sensations in your own cute cocoa bar style.

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