Murphy’s Law Visits And You Want Him To Go

Hi friends. It was a long week of crazy activities, and then, Murphy’s Law came drifting back into my home, trying get the best of things.

Let me explain.

You see, back in about February when we started having all of these wild winds,  about 50 or so shingles blew off of the house we rent. We called property management on the first of March. I’m thinking, okay it’s a few shingles. We’d better let them know, right?

Well, property management didn’t think it was so important. They never showed up.

April came. By this time we had a serious rainy season (that still doesn’t seem to have ended for whatever reason). Then we noticed the roof in the master bedroom leaking.

Notified management again. No show.

And just let me tell you that it was quite a ghastly sight from the outside. Our neighbor thought it was so terrible that she even called management asking for them to come and fix our roof. Well, let’s just say that neither of us got anywhere.

In May, my husband and I let management know that it was literally raining in the house now. Sooo they promised to come out and fix it and still never showed up. The reason. It was too rainy to do roof work. I’d say that’s Murphy’s Law here. Don’t we all need a roof, like, when it rains??

When they finally sent out someone to look at the roof the roofer expressed to my husband that management didn’t want to pay to have the roof fixed. Murphy again.

I mean really?

June came. My husband and I were asleep one night and heard a loud crash. You wanna talk about startling? As Murphy’s Law would have it, the ceiling drywall had come down.

By July, the water leaking became water pouring. I’m not even exaggerating. The water was pouring from the ceiling filling a medium sized tote in two hours! You can see more of that in my “The Roof Is Falling” video below. But, I’d say that’s more Murphy’s Law. Wouldn’t you?

And should I also mention that an apartment building, not far off, was also undergoing construction during the months that Murphy’s Law claimed my roof. The entire roof, shingles and all were up in the rain in a matter of days!

But not us.

After having to remove our furniture from our master bedroom, the experience of seeping water around the electrical outlets, and losing power due to the travel of water through the ceiling of the master bedroom, we felt we hand no choice but to call the housing inspector for our county.  Did that last Monday.

Now, that brings me to last Thursday. I’d stepped out with my hub and wouldn’t you know that I got a call from one of my children telling me that there was a man on the roof! I rushed home (very carefully since it was raining).  There was a nice Latin man replacing the shingles on the roof.  Not much English spoken.

Good thing I speak Spanish!

He told me that management called him in just the day before to fix the roof. Soooo it is possible to have a roof fixed in the rain if it’s urgent enough right?

Next came the contractors. The water damage was so bad that the entire ceiling needed to be reconstructed and all of the insulation ripped out.  And let us not talk about the strong mildew smell.

All of this, while producing a fall product line!  Ugh!!

So we’ve had to readjust, shift, and move things around.  It’s a good thing that at least 7 of my 10 children like to camp out on the floor. The middles and the littles (my middle and younger children) shuffled right down in the family room to take over the sofa and floor.

So while Murphy tried to get one in on us, there was a good side I guess.

The good note, the kids camped out, had snacks and watched late movies to make light of the situation. Since nobody could really spend time upstairs, my family room looks like some kind of disaster, but I’d rather than than a caved in roof any day.

Murphy's Law - brother sleeping on another brother

Sometimes things get a little crazy when they camp out. He doesn’t even know his brother’s sleeping on his head!

How would you have handled this situation?

Check out my video to see the deets on the roof!


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