New Year…New You

Every single year I toy around with doing some fitness stuff that gets me back in shape after being all kinds of a ginormous pig during the months of November through January 1.

It’s almost like I wish I could just say no to the candied yams and then, omgosh, the Christmas cheese!! And let’s not talk about the carrot cake my Cayla makes. Ughhhh!

But no.

Every year I cave and eat the “things.”

And that forces me to go into what I call a stress induced exercise binge where I force myself to go full force into some intense exercise program to kick the 10 pounds I gained during the holiday season.

So this year, like every other, I’m going straight fitness binge.

Starting January 14, I’ll be getting into gear with the SWEAT 12 week program.

I’ve already started testing it out so that I could share it with you darlins, and I’m telling you it’s kicked my boots!

So here’s a little about what I like so far.

You get your own personal trainer that the software picks for you based on your goals. Your trainer is designed to get your boots into gear based on the questions you answer in the setup.

You can also pick the intensity of the program and whether you want to work your upper body, lower body or your full body.

My mind said, “woman up” and do the full body intense workout.

But when I tried…

I almost fell to the floor after about 5 minutes of the first circuit.

Seriously, don’t think that because this program is app based that it’s going to go easy on you. The program is goal driven and designed to give you the tools and accountability you need to meet your goals.

Here’s What I Disliked

I wasn’t so impressed with the lack of audio in some of the fitness challenges. As a Jillian Michaels workout gal, I love the way the audio keeps me on target. The countdowns and the pushing is really helpful. Without the audio, you’re almost forced to keep looking at the app to see how much time you have left to complete the reps you have to do.

That interrupts your workout, so I didn’t like that so much.

On a more positive note, though, most of the the challenges do have audio.

What I’m Planning To Do

woman working out at home on carpet

It’s almost that time!

On Monday 1/14, the SWEAT 12 week challenge begins, and I’m ready to get my bum in gear to drop all 10 of these holiday pounds I gained and get F. I. T.  

Come on and let’s get fit in 2019 click here to begin your journey.

Who’s joining me in getting in shape for 2019? Tell me what you’re doing to get fit. I’d love to know.