5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy

Homeschooling seven children (or any number of children) at once can feel overwhelming at times. We’re always balancing so much with everyday life, school, and businesses. Then there are many other things fling their way into our space.

(Ahem, Murphy’s Law for example.)

So, I’ve come up with my top 5 amazing homeschool easy helps when life gets busy. Continue reading “5 Amazing Homeschool Easy Helps When Life Gets Busy”

Gardening In Containers – 6 Things I Learned

This is the first summer in a few years that I decided to grow a garden. I’d been successful with an in ground garden several years (okay, maybe about eight) ago, but I was eager to grow some stuff that we could eat. This time around, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to be breaking ground and building wood barriers around it, so I grabbed some pots and went to town right on my deck! Anyway, here are 6 things I learned about gardening in containers: Continue reading “Gardening In Containers – 6 Things I Learned”

Murphy’s Law Visits And You Want Him To Go

Hi friends. It was a long week of crazy activities, and then, Murphy’s Law came drifting back into my home, trying get the best of things.

Let me explain.

You see, back in about February when we started having all of these wild winds,¬† about 50 or so shingles blew off of the house we rent. We called¬†property management on the first of March. I’m thinking, okay it’s a few shingles. We’d better let them know, right?

Well, property management didn’t think it was so important. They never showed up. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law Visits And You Want Him To Go”

Welcome to Home By 12

bed with white linens green breakfast tray with blue teapot filled with flowers and a cake slice candle with a home decor magazine

Hey, everyone, and welcome!

If you’ve followed along with me prior to this blog, you probably already know that I have a large family of twelve, busy people (hence the name, ‘Home by 12.’)

I’m a domestic engineer who started a business in the home decor niche. Alongside that, I’m a homeschooling mom of, let’s see, (I’m actually counting) seven. And one of my super seven is a five year old with Down Syndrome who keeps us all on our toes.

Life is busy, but if you follow along, you’ll see that our life is never boring. Continue reading “Welcome to Home By 12”