Vintage Style Vignette Easy Update

Vintage style is just one of those interior styles I can’t deny. When I decided on a color scheme for my autumn decor, I knew the colors had to be rich and warm. They also had to incorporate a vintage feel. So, what did I do? I immediately went for warm copper and brown tones (mentioned those in my previous post)


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Honestly, I’ve struggled with hiding my inner vintage. I guess it’s the thought that vintage can look old and outdated. It took me awhile to figure out I could combine both modern and antique for a completely different look.

After a gentle nudge from my friend Lisa over at Home Inspiration Lulu, I found myself pulling out  my vintage goodies again. Before I knew it, I was grabbing onto the vintage style I’ve come to love so much through the years.

Implementing  vintage style has become so natural for me compared to trying to echo something that just doesn’t feel like me.

So, for a fall kitchen vignette, I started with this really cute copper tiered tray I found (similar one linked). I thought it would give my vignette more of a vintage feel.


Vintage Style Vignette Easy Update 3 tiered copper tray pin

Each element on this tiered tray is something that I love.  The copper tray, itself, added a bit of elegance. That was an element I knew I wanted.

Tiered tray styling Vintage Style Vignette Easy Update

I started at the bottom and added a chinoiserie creamer from my Blue Willow Set.  A fun spiced pumpkin latte candle  helped to give it a bit of a unique and modern touch. It didn’t hurt that they make the kitchen smell super yummy.

The orange hydrangea was going in a vase. You can see the stem there. I ended up cutting it off, but initially, I wasn’t sure if I’d keep it in the vignette.

So, I worked my way up to the top. I had another one of my mini pumpkin latte candles that I sat there (with intention to move it to another space). Well, I kinda liked it on the tray, and so there it stayed, my friends.

I also added a couple of blue and white pumpkins to add some of my other colors into the mix.

By the time I got to the top, the tray was rather small, so I thought a couple of white hydrangeas would add the perfect simple touch. Then I had some orange berries that pulled together the orange from the bottom and give it more “fall” appeal.

Vintage style 3 tiered copper tray

Creating an updated vintage style vignette is pretty simple when you incorporate a mix of both vintage and modern style pieces. This vignette can easily be swapped for the Christmas holiday by switching out the orange for red or greenery. Even some white poinsettias would be pretty on the copper tray.

My pumpkins could easily be changed to a few vintage ornaments, and maybe I’d switch the candles to votive candles (or hot cocoa mugs…hmmm).

So, if you’re anything like me and you love vintage style decor, get yourself up and start doing what you love. It’s so much better when you love what you’re looking at.

What’s your favorite decor style? Share them with me in the comments below.