Why Shop JC Penney’s Holiday Sale

Why Shop JC Penney’s Holiday Sale?

There’s something about Christmas decorating that makes me excited. So in my quest to determine my 2018 holiday colors, I ran across JC Penney’s holiday sale and it may have just given me the inspo I needed.

Check out my video and find out my top holiday decor picks for JC Penney Christmas 2018.


As I plan my holiday decor for this year, I’m starting to feel some real excitement. It’s so much fun decorating and getting the house prepared for the holidays.

JC Penney had a lot of really good prices, and though the selections in my local store were very skimpy, the online choices were amazing! Here are just a few more items I ran across.

Classic Christmas Wreath Why Shop JC Penney Holiday Sale - Home By 12

Red and gold. Classic colors that never grow old.  It was $23.99.  Shop it now at $17.99

Christmas Lantern Decor Why Shop JC Penney Holiday Sale - Home By 12

Silver and simplistic with cute die cut ornaments. This wasn’t in my video, but would make a nice farmhouse Christmas addition. View it here.

Glitter Christmas Deer Why Shop JC Penney Holiday Sale - Home By 12

There’s something traditional about Christmas bling. This blingy reindeer by North Pole Trading Co. was actually in the video, but I liked it so much that it deserved it’s own spot here. Shop it here.

Holiday Farmhouse Sign - Why Shop JC Penney Holiday Sale - Home By 12

Isn’t this sign adorable? This one didn’t make it in the video either, but it gives me so many warm holiday feels. Check out their cute Farmhouse Christmas signs here.

PIN why shop jc penny it button home by 12

Christmas ornaments Why Shop J

Choosing  Christmas Colors for 2018

Being out and about early gave me the opportunity to scope some of the trending Christmas colors for 2018. Aside from traditional colors, some of them were the same as what we’ve seen this fall.

I’m planning to take bit of a different approach while staying true to my own vintage style. Soon I’ll give a peek at what I’ve been working on for my own decor.  I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Grab The Deals Before The Sale Ends

So, if you’re looking to get in on great deals while there’s a great selection of decor, shop now!

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Shop JC Penney.